Blade Conspiracy 220 BNF Basic

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Blade Conspiracy 220 BNF Basic


The Blade® Conspiracy™ quadcopter is a pro-class FPV racer for pilots who want expertly tuned, out of the box performance. A 4mm thick carbon fiber main frame delivers the lightweight durability every racer needs. Powered by the Spektrum™ FC32 Rev 6 flight controller, you have the capability of fine-tuning each flight with Cleanflight software. The three progressive flight modes make learning to race easy. The onboard 600TVL FPV camera and 200mW video transmitter provide a clean video signal to compatible Fat Shark headsets. Additionally, the Thrust™ performance ESC's add a highly responsive feel and precision control when pushing the limits and racing for the finish line.

Needed To Complete

6+ channel Spektrum® DSMX® Transmitter
3S or 4S LiPo battery and charger
Compatible Fat Shark goggles


Race Ready Camera: 650 TVL resolution with 2.8mm lens installed

The Conspiracy™ is equipped with the gold standard camera in racing. The HS1177 camera provides a clear view to the path in front of you and is fully adjustable for any condition, day or night. Its low latency design and high quality video make it the ideal FPV camera for a model this size.

4mm Carbon fiber frame: Durable and lightweight

True 4mm carbon fiber single plate frame makes for one heck of a strong chassis. It's designed to hold all your electronics and fully protect them in even the hardest crashes.

Spektrum FC32 Rev 6 flight controller

If you've ever had trouble tuning or setting up a flight controller for an FPV racer, the conspiracy comes out of the box with a professionally tuned FC32 (Naze32 equivalent) that is equipped with serial LEDs and a Beeper. You can pull this model out of the box, and fly knowing the tune is rock solid. If you need to make any adjustments, just connect it to Cleanflight and further hone in your personal preferences.

Powerful video: Low-latency, 200mw Spektrum VTX with Omni Antenna

The Spektrum 200 mW video transmitter is perfect for freestyle or racing video range. It's capable of selecting all 32 channels needed for larger racing events. The Conspiracy™ also comes with a right hand circular polarized Omni antenna which is durable and lightweight.

Adjustable tilt camera-mount from 0 to 45 degrees

Whether you are just leaning to FPV, enjoy freestyle only or are a weekend racer, the camera on the Conspiracy™ can be fully adjusted to suit your flying style. Just adjust it by hand, tighten the side screws and your model is ready for faster or slower flight.

Integrated Serial LEDs

With a 9 stack of serial LEDS on the tail of the Conspiracy™, you can customize it with any color or pattern under the sun. Out of the box, this is default to a “ring” state where the LEDs move with throttle input.

Thrust™ performance ESC's: 20a performance ESC's with BLHeli Firmware

Pre-flashed, pre-installed and ready to rip! These BLHeli ESCS are more than enough for hardcore racing or freestyle of any intensity.

User adjustable flight modes

A fully unlocked Cleanflight flight controller allows you as a pilot to adjust the Conspiracy™ 220 to have any number of flight modes available. Out of the box, you get Angle and Acro mode but can add Horizon or even air mode as needed. It's as simple as hooking it up to USB and setting it up!

GoPro® action camera-mount to record flights

Being able to record a flight is something we all love doing. Whether you share with friends at the track or share on YouTube for the world to see the quad you fly should have a spot to carry a camera. The Conspiracy™ 220 comes with a GoPro® recliner so you can mount your Hero® 3 or 4.

4S capable

The Conspiracy™ is designed to work with today's most popular racing battery, the 1300 4s. Try out the Thrust™ 1300 4S Lipo.

BNF Basic

Comes out of the box ready to fly! Bind it to your Spektrum® radio, install a charged battery, and goggle up!

What's In The Box?

1 Conspiracy™ 220 Quadcopter
1 Set of Blade® Tri-Blade Props
1 Decal Sheet
1 User Manual
Mode of driving: Elektro (EP)
Multicopter Type: Quadrocopter
Multicopter Type: racecopter
Camera: inklusive
Video Downlink (FPV): ja
Length approx: 180 mm
Width approx: 180 mm
Weight approx: 550 g
Recommended battery: LiPo 4S 1000-1300mAh
Kit version: BNF Basic
Age recommendation: 14+
Suitable for: Fortgeschrittene & Experten
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