DPSI Micro - RCS RV mit JR Stecker

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DPSI Micro - RCS RV mit JR Stecker

DPSI Micro - RCS RV (Remote Control Switch - Regulated Voltage)
Remote controlled switch with LiPo tension regulator and LiPo deep discharge protection e.g. for ignitions!

The most successful ignition switch!
• Electronical on and off switch, operable with a remote control
• Perfect for electronical ignitions with 4 cells, which are also LiPo compatible now
• Switching point and switching direction optionally adjustable
• You can switch off the ignition while engine idle if you retract the trhottle
• Regulated output voltage from 5.5 V (e.g. not LiPo compatible ignitions)
• Double electronical on/off switch, double power regulator for a high impulse stability
• Suitable for all batterie types because of LowDropOut technics
• Low tension control for 5/6 cells NiCd/NiMH and 2 cells LiIon/LiPo batteries programmable
• Deep discharge protection because of automatical switch off in case of imminent battery damage
• Failsafe switch off in case of void and missing receiver impulses (programmable)
• Lightened control LED for operating and error display
• Totally electrical disconnection of the receiver and load circuit because of high speed opto coupler
• Also suitable for other loads (to 3 A continous current and 20 A peak current)
• JR/Uni connections with high quality silicon cables (0.5 qmm cross section)
• Control line to the receiver of high quality PVC cord
• All plug-in connectors are gold plated and "Made in Germany"
• For receiver operating from 2 V to 8.4 V

Complete deliveryinclusive fixing screws, screw rosettes, body sticker (boring mould), vibration protection rubber, EMCOTEC 3D sticker, operating instructions.

Technical details of the DPSI RCS (RV)
current source (load battery):

5 or 6 cells NiCd / NiMH batteries, 2 cells lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries
Operating voltage range: 4,8V .... 14V
Rated input voltage: 6,0V .... 12V
Output voltage RCS RV: 5,5V regulated
Closed current (switched on):
Ca. 6mA – load off/ Ca. 17mA – load on
Max. continous current (15 minutes at LiPo-batteries) RCS RV: 3 A
Max. peak current (10 seconds at LiPo-batteries): 10 Ad
Max. peak current (20ms): 20 A
Ripple RCS RV 0,1 A / 8 A: Ca. 200mV
Max. power loss: 5W
Galvanic disconnection to the receiver current circuit: two high speed opto coupler
Input voltage receiver current circuit: 1,3V to 8,4V
Power consumption of the receiver current circuit: 7 … 18mA depending on the receiver tension
Servo pulse duration: 0,9msec to 2,1msec
Error detection failsafe:
pulse duration< 0,7msec or>2,3msec; pulse spacing< 10msec or> 40msec
CE-control: corresponding to 89/336/EWG
Environmental conditions: -10°C .... +50°C
Temperature range: -25°C .... +85°C (storing)
Measuring: 73,4mm x 19,4mm x 14,1mm
Screwing aperture for the fixing: 2 x 3mm at intervals of 66,2mm
Aperture LED: 5mm
Weight RCS RV: ca. 28g
Guaranty: 24 Monate
Input voltage: 6 - 12 Volt
Output voltage receiver: 5,5 Volt
Closed current (switched on) approx: 6 mA
Continuous current: 8 A
Maximal current short: 10 A
Temperature unit: -10 - +50 °C
Length approx: 73,4 mm
Width approx: 19,4 mm
Height approx: 14,1 mm
Weight approx: 28 g
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