Drehzahlregler SUN 4002 plus Kontronik

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Drehzahlregler SUN 4002 plus Kontronik

The Mode Programming System of the SUN PLUS line allows (to select) selection of an operating mode, which updates all controllable settings to optimal values. There is no need to program each ESC setting one after another– such as EMF brake, maximum RPM or undervoltage cut off. Instead, you need only to select the area of use of your model.

The KONTRONIK SUN is available with the following specifications:

• Another essential highlight of the SUNs is the protection against reversal polarity. If plus and minus are changed when connecting the battery, no damage will happen.
• As a matter of course the SUNs have an integrated LiPo Mode which programs all the necessary changes in the ESC when using LiPo batteries.
• The Heli Mode provides an Automatic Power Compensation. APC is a KONTRONIK development and is only available in SUN PLUS ESCs. It compensates the decreasing battery voltage by increasing the motor current. In the Heli Mode, most protection circuits are deactivated. No unwelcome cut-off can risk flight security.
• Also, there is an integrated RC-Car Mode which offers a proportional brake for precise braking and an immediate throttle response for fast acceleration.
• The programming of the SUN PLUS ESCs can also be done by PROGCARD which allows adjustment of all specs on the flying field without an additional PC.
• Due to the 2 A BEC all SUN PLUS capacitate an adequate supply of max. 4 servos.
• SUN PLUS ESCs come with the active free-wheeling circuit which means they have a full part load capability.
• The under voltage disconnection is automatically calculated when the battery pack is connected to the ESC.
• The performance and integrity of the unit are maintained by intelligent protection features. By measuring the temperature of the ESC, power to the motor is reduced if an overload is detected.
Application area: Flugmodelle
Application area: Hubschrauber
Applicatio area: Automodelle
Application area: Bootsmodelle
Voltage range: 6-16 Volt
Cell number NiCd/NiMH: 6-12
Cell number LiPo/LiFe: 2-3 S
Continuous current: 40 A
Maximal current short: 50 A
BEC continuous current: 2 A
BEC servo load: max. 4
Length approx: 35 mm
Width approx: 26 mm
Height approx: 6 mm
Weight without cable: 9 g
Weight with cable: 23 g
Programming: Sender oder Programmer
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