Elektromotor Pyro 700-52 Kontronik

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Elektromotor Pyro 700-52 Kontronik

In 3D helicopter flight a motor is heavily used. And it is exactly for this reason that a PYRO is well - equipped.
It's special design and construction make it handle a continuous power of 3,000 W and a maximum of 5,000 Watt for 1 second.
To achieve this a high-quality Neodym material was used for the magnets heat resistible up to 150 °C.
The winding is made of an extremely heat resistant copper, normally used by the aerospace industry.
The rotating can additionally gets a precise balancing. So the thin section bearing is rendered unnecessary.
A continuous power of 3 kW produces a lot of heat even in such an efficient motor as the PYRO. A new designed cooling stream enables the PYRO to release the heat absolutely reliably.
The PYROs are only available in specialised shops or can be purchased directly at KONTRONIK.

The PYRO in short:

• Neodym magnets, heat resistent up to 150 degree C
• Specialized wire, heat resisten up to 300 degree C
• Perfectly balanced
• Optimized metal sheets
• Optimized ventilation

• 520 U/min/V
• max. 25.000 U/min
• rI 0,024 Ohm
• 375 gr
Cell number LiPo/LiFe: 10-12 S
Maximal effectiveness: 89 %
Maximal capacity: >3000 W
Internal resistance: 27 Ohm
Idle speed: 520 U/min/V
Ø Engine: 50,8 mm
Ø Engine shaft: 6 mm
Length of engine without shaft: 61,5 mm
Length of engine shaft: 85 mm
Weight of engine without gear: 375 g
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