Fantasy 3200 mm ARF F5J Topmodel

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Fantasy 3200 mm ARF F5J Topmodel

Splendid performing machine for the F5J amateurs.

The F5J (very popular non official category in the USA), what it?
In fact, it is a mix of F3J (category FAI for the thermal flight) and of F5 (electric category).
To summarize, instead of launching your sailplane with a winch, you launch it using the electric motor which you have in the nose and then you soar, soar, soar...
The flaps make possible to slightly camber the profile for better exploiting the zones "which go up".
Directed into negative, they make possible to accelerate to forward. By directing them many and by mixing them with the ailerons (crocodiles mixing), they enables you straight forwardly ,to stop the sailplane finally, to land for cm!

A sailplane that everyone will be torn off!

•Fuselage and cabin moulded out of glassfiber/epoxy and gelcoated
•The wings are in three parts to facilitate the storage and transport
•The wings are manufactured out of foam core and balsa planking with hard wood spars and are reinforced by carbon and glass fiber tapes. The control surfaces are completely reinforced with fiberglass to avoid twists. The whole is covered in a sublime way, in Oracover®.
•Epoxy/glassfiber hollow moulded horizontal stabilizer and fin
•C.A.M. formers and various wood parts, fiberglass engine mount
•Step by step building handbook

Wingspan approx: 3200 mm
Length approx: 1550 mm
Weight approx: 3000 - 3300 g
Fuselage: GFK
Wing: Styro/Balsa
RC functions: Q, H, S, M, WK
Wing airfoil: MH32
Kit version: ARF
Total surface: 67,6 dm2
Suitable for: Fortgeschrittene & Experten
Modelltyp 1: Elektrosegelflug
Modellart 1: Segelflug allgemein

Top Segler für Fortgeschrittene. Super Thermik Segler. Kreist in der Thermik wie Vogel. Seit 5 Jahren im Einsatz! 4S 3800 Motor MVVS. Gruss Toni

(Anton , 16.08.2014 23:15)
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Top Segler für Fortgeschrittene. Super Thermik Segler. Kreist in der Thermik wie Vogel. Seit 5 Jahren im Einsatz! 4S 3800 Motor MVVS. Gruss Toni

(Anton , 16.08.2014 23:15)
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