Futaba T18SZ FASSTest Mode-2 mit R7008SB Empfänger + gratis Futaba T6L

Mfr. No. P-CB18SZ/LEU
Article No. 195149
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instead of € 1258.00 € 1169.90

Futaba T18SZ FASSTest Mode-2 mit R7008SB Empfänger + gratis Futaba T6L

It's here. It's the one you've been waiting for.

An incredibly sophisticated 18-channel marvel, the 18SZ is perfect for pro pilots and weekend wingers alike. It offers flights conditions, in addition, to many of the functions and features of top-of-the-line systems at an affordable price.. of the 18MZ.

Leading off its list of features is full telemetry function. The 18SZ is set up to receive temperature, RPM, altitude, GPS, voltage, current, and data logging telemetry information, keeping you more tightly riveted to your aircraft than ever before. And, its intuitive full touchscreen display and long battery life make it the radio every serious pilot needs at the field.

• 4.3 inch full-color fast-processing touch LCD screen for quick, clear data viewing and menu surfing
• 8 full conditions to customize every flight to your flying situation
• Telemetry temperature, RPM, altitude, GPS, voltage, current, and data logging to keep you more connected to your model than ever before
• Expandable, 30-model internal memory to save your settings for all your aircraft
• 6.6V 2100mAh LiFe battery for 7 to 8 hours of flight time
• Telemetry voice messages keep you up to date on your plane's vital statistics
• User-updateable software lets you keep your radio cutting edge
• 2 side levers, 6 digital trims, 8 toggle switches to accommodate every function you can dream up
• Quad bearing stick assemblies
• Speaker and earphone jack for audible telemetry announcements
• Trainer and S.Bus ports
• Data editor S.Bus programming
• 15 character user naming and model naming
• Sub trims
• Servo reversing
• End point adjustment
• Data resets
• Battery fail safe
• Servo speed adjustment
• AFR curve mode (3)
• AFR curve point (17 points)
• Programmable mixing (10 circuits per condition)
• Throttle cut
• Idle down
• Logic switch
• User menu
• Servo monitor
• Up/down timer (2)
• System timer
• Model timer
• Throttle stick alarm
• Rubber hand grips
• Backlight adjustment
• Calibration
• Alarm voltage
• Alarm vibrator
• Auto power off
• Range check
• Dual receiver set up

Airplane features:
•13 wing types
•3 tail types
•2 rudder types
•Flap setting
•Aileron differential
•Aileron to camber flap mix
•Aileron to brake flap mix
•Aileron to rudder mix
•Airbrake to elevator mix
•Rudder to aileron mix
•Rudder to elevator mix
•Camber mix
•Elevator to camber mix
•Camber flap to elevator mix
•Snap roll
•Airbrake mix
•V tail
•Motor mix
•Gyro sensor

Helicopter Features:
• 8 swash types
• Pitch/throttle curve
• Pitch/throttle curve mode (3)
• 17 point pitch/throttle curve
• Acceleration
• Throttle hold
• Swash mixing
• Throttle mixing
• Pitch to needle mixing
• Pitch to rudder mixing
• Gyro sensor (3)
• Governor
• Condition hold
• Hovering pitch
• Hovering throttle
• Swash AFR
• Swash setting
• Swash ring
• Throttle limiter

• 13 wing types
• 3 tail types
• 2 rudder types
• Flap setting
• Aileron differential
• Aileron to camber flap mix
• Aileron to brake flap mix
• Aileron to rudder mix
• Rudder to aileron mix
• Airbrake to elevator mix
• Camber mix
• Elevator to camber mix
• Camber flap to elevator mix
• Butterfly mixing
• Butterfly to elevator
• Trim mix 1
• Trim mix 2
• V-tail
• Ailevator
• Winglet
• Motor mix

• Gyro

Telemetry functions:
• Temperature
• RPM (magnetic and optic)
• Altitude
• Voltage
• Current
• Data logging

Radio Control Model Handsender
Delivery mit Empfänger
Number of channels: 18
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