Kit FunCub 1400 mm Multiplex

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Kit FunCub 1400 mm Multiplex

The multi-talented all-rounder
Take off wherever you fancy - that’s what the FunCub lets you do. Thanks to the large, lightweight EPP wheels and powerful brushless power train this model can cope with virtually any airstrip. Whether you fly from tall grass, a gravel path or a farmer’s field: flaps down, throttle up, and away she goes. And very little space is needed, too - either for take-off or landing. The model also has quite a talent for spectacular stunts. Large flaps, big wheels, oversized prop and a power system with plenty of “oomph” - just the right blend for this.
And that’s not all: you can use the FunCub to tow your mates’ gliders up to height; all you have to do for this is activate the aero-tow mechanism. We can even offer a floats set, converting the FunCub into an excellent aircraft for water or snow. It’s simply a great all-rounder. With its docile flying characteristics and super slow-flying characteristics the FunCub is great for the beginner while he learns to fly, while the advanced pilot can impress on-lookers with spectacular aerobatics (loops, rolls, inverted).

The plus-points:<>
• Low minimum airspeed
• Ultra-docile flying characteristics
• Suitable for aero-towing gliders (e.g. EasyGlider-size)
• High-performance power set available
• Option of fitting large landing flaps
• Detachable canopy for ease of battery swapping
• Two-part wing for ease of transport

Kit contents:<>
Moulded ELAPOR® parts, GRP spars, all small plastic items and linkage components required to complete the model, decal sheet, comprehensive illustrated instructions.

Recommended equipment:<>
• 2 Tiny-S servos (1 x rudder, 1 x elevator)
• 2 / 4 Nano-S servos (aileron / optional flaps, tow hook)
• Min. RX-5 light M-LINK receiver
• or RX-7-DR light M-LINK
• or RX-9-DR M-LINK
• “FunCub” power set
• incl. brushless motor, controller, propeller, driver and accessories

Recommended battery:<>
• Li-BATT eco 3/1-2000 (M6)
• “FunCub” power set, Li-BATT powered, plus matching flight battery.

• Wingspan 1400 mm
• Overall length 980 mm
• All-up weight approx.1130 g
• Wing area (FAI) 38 dm²
• Wing loading min. 30 g / dm²
• RC functions Aileron, rudder, elevator, throttle, optional landing flaps
Wingspan approx: 1400 mm
Length approx: 980 mm
Weight with electric Engine (EP) approx: 1130 g
Fuselage: Elapor
Wing: Elapor
RC functions: Q, H, S, M, LK, (Schleppkupplung)
Recommended battery: LiPo 2000 mAh 3S
Kit version: ARF
Wing substance: 38 dm2
Suitable for: Anfänger bis Experte
Modelltyp 1: Motorflug Elektro
Modellart 1: Hochdecker & Schulterdecker
Modellart 2: Wasserflug (geeignet)

Idealer Umstieg von Segler auf Motorflieger, einfach zu steuern, mit dem rießen Rädern kann man überall starten/landen, ideal mit Landeklappen!

(Florian , 25.02.2012 20:41)

Mit diesem Modell ist wirklich alles möglich!!!

(Martin , 26.07.2012 19:19)

Ein wirklich geniales, streßfrei zu fliegendes
Gerät. Funktion und Wirkung der Lande-
klappen sind perfekt.

(Dirk , 11.11.2012 01:13)

Sehr schönes Modell auch wenn es auf dem Bild nicht so wirkt. Schöne Landungen gelingen auch auf eher hohem Gras, durch den leichten Epp-Rädern. Spass bei Anfaengern wie bei professionellen Piloten.
Ich würde rr Version empfehlen.

(Petra , 19.05.2013 13:47)
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Sehr schönes Modell auch wenn es auf dem Bild nicht so wirkt. Schöne Landungen gelingen auch auf eher hohem Gras, durch den leichten Epp-Rädern. Spass bei Anfaengern wie bei professionellen Piloten.
Ich würde rr Version empfehlen.

(Petra , 19.05.2013 13:47)
Schwimmerbausatz EasyCub, FunCub up to approx. 1000 g
AN 73840 Mfr. No.: 733063
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Multiplex Model-Service-Box
instead of € 23.25 € 20.83
AN 123340 Mfr. No.: 85500
out of stock
Power drive FunCub
instead of € 139.92 € 124.99
AN 83117 Mfr. No.: 332649
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Servo Tiny-S Multiplex
instead of € 19.08 € 12.49
AN 49168 Mfr. No.: 65121
in stock
Servo Nano-S Multiplex
instead of € 17.42 € 11.66
AN 49167 Mfr. No.: 65120
in stock
Drehzahlregler Fusion Hawk BL 040A HV
instead of € 64.08 € 49.99
AN 78065 Mfr. No.: P-FS-HWK40HV
in stock
Servo HS-81 Hitec
instead of € 17.42 € 13.33
AN 28103 Mfr. No.: 112081
in stock
Servo HS-55 Hitec
instead of € 16.58 € 12.49
AN 42911 Mfr. No.: 112055
in stock
Prop driver motor shaft 5 mm prp shaft 6 mm
AN 80541 Mfr. No.: 332315
5-10 working days delivery
Speed controller Multicont BL-40 S-BEC
instead of € 100.75 € 91.66
AN 77857 Mfr. No.: 72285
out of stock
Spar tubes EasyCub Multiplex
AN 75290 Mfr. No.: 723130
5-10 working days delivery
Tail set EasyCub Multiplex
AN 75286 Mfr. No.: 224140
5-10 working days delivery
Fuselage shells + snakes EasyCub Multiplex
AN 75283 Mfr. No.: 224137
in stock
5-10 working days delivery
Pushrod connector 2 pcs.
AN 63016 Mfr. No.: 703455
in stock
Canopy-Lock (2 pair)
AN 62794 Mfr. No.: 725136
in stock
Nylon-Schrauben M5x50 (10)
AN 52703 Mfr. No.:
in stock
APC Propeller 13" x 4" Multiplex Fun Cub
AN 87314 Mfr. No.: 733114
in stock
Power drive "FunCub TUNING"
instead of € 162.42 € 149.99
AN 90352 Mfr. No.: 332624
in stock
Wings FunCub
€ 35.75
AN 92463 Mfr. No.: 224113
in stock
Small items set with motormount FunCub
AN 92671 Mfr. No.: 224115
in stock
Dekorbogen FunCub
AN 116650 Mfr. No.: 724565
5-10 working days delivery
Räder Superleicht 120 mm EPP Nabe 2,6 mm
AN 96954 Mfr. No.: 733198
5-10 working days delivery
Fahrwerksatz FunCub
AN 103437 Mfr. No.: 224114
5-10 working days delivery
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