Ladegerät AC/DC Fusion Elysium LX60B Pro

Mfr. No. O-FS-LX60BPE
Article No. 78038
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Ladegerät AC/DC Fusion Elysium LX60B Pro

• Pack Cycling (Charge to Discharge / Discharge to Charge)
• 2-Line, 16 character, blue backlit LCD makes the screen extremely clear and legible
• Built-in intelligent balancing circuit is deesigned to individually belance each cell on the connected lithium battery pack within the tolerance of 5mV during charge or discharge
• Balancing plug adaptor boards are supplied to suit JST XH, FlightPower and Thunder Power batteries. Optional adaptors for Polyquest are available
• Voltage monitoring feature shows each actual cell voltage on the screen during balancing
• Various warning messages for incorrect input voltage, wrong connections, unsuitable battery condition and reverse polarity on output
• Packaged in a rugged aluminium case

• Input Voltage: 11~15V DC, 100V~240V AC / 50~60Hz
• Battery Type & Cells: 1~6 Li-Po, Li-Ion, Li-Fe / 1~14 NiCd, NiMH / 1~6 Lead-Acid cells
• Battery Capacity: 100mAh ~ 6000mAh adjustable ONLY for Li-Po, Li-Ion, Li-Fe
• Charge Rate: 0.1A ~ 6A Adjustable in 100mA steps (Max 50W)
• Discharge Rate: 0.1A ~ 1A in 10mA steps (auto limited to 5W max)
• Trickle Charge Rate: 0 ~ 200mA
• Balancing Max.: Current 280mA (Tolerance 5mV during charge or discharge)
• Charge Termination: 'Zero Delta V' peak detection for NiCd/NiMH 'Constant current / constand voltage' for Li-Ion/Li-Po/Li-Fe & Pb
• Delta Peak Sensitivity: 5mV ~ 25mV for NiCd & 3mV ~ 25mV for NiMH (per cell)
Voltage source: AC/DC
Input voltage AC: 100-240 Volt
Input voltage DC: 11-15 Volt
Cell number NiCd/NiMH: 1-14
Cell number LiPo/LiFe/LiIo: 1-6 S
Pb-accus: 2-12 Volt
Integrated balancer: EHR
Balancer adapter enclosed: FTP, XHP
Charge exit: 1
Cutoff NiCd/NiMH: Delta Peak
Max. Charge current: 6 A
Charging capacity max: 50 W
Balancer current max: 280 mA
Discharge current max: 1 A
Discharging capacity max: 5 W
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