Ladegerät AC/DC Power Peak B6 EQ-BID

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Ladegerät AC/DC Power Peak B6 EQ-BID

Inexpensive and compact 230/12V charge-discharge station with battery management for 1...14 cell NiCad/NiMH batteries, 1...6 cell LiIo, LiPo or LiFe batteries, as well as 2...12V lead-acid batteries. With integral Equalizer and BID-system in high quality metal case. With extensive accessories and alloy case.

The universal charging station for all model disciplines with a charge power of 50 watts. It has a summary display of the charge parameters and battery data via the LCD.
The menu is in 3 languages (english, german and french) and selected in the software. There is a software update for italian, spanish and czech available
The integral Equalizer with it´s powerful 280 mA automatically brings the individual lithium cells to an equal voltage during the charge process.
A powerful equalizer current and high charge current are required for a fast battery charge.
An integrated USB-port with bootloader function for later software updates keeps the unit to the current level. Using this USB interface, the Data can be graphically or numerically displayed on a PC, stored, compared and printed.
The necessary software is freely available to download as Donationware.

To increase the safety, the battery temperature can be monitored during the charge process, a temperature sensor is included.

Safe and simple operation as wellas automatic storage of the most imprtant battery data in robbe-BID-System (Battery-ID-entifications-System)

The key advantages of the BID-Systems
• Simply plug the BID-Chip/Key into the charger and press the start button to start charging.
• Maximum protection against operator error
• Storage of most important data on BID-Chip
• Naturally, the Power Peak B6 EQ-BID charger may be used on non BID-System batteries
• 10 internal battery memories

charge, discharge, discharge /charge 1x
• Display of charged and discharged capacities
• Display of input and charge voltage
• Choice of automatic or manual charge-discharge functions
• display of the Equalizer - individual cell voltage.choice of summary(2 decimal points) or in List function with 3 decimal point (1/1000 Volt) accuracy

NC/NiMH-Akkus 1...14 cells
The digital automatic Delta-Peak-cut-off switches the charge process off at the correct moment and is specific for NC- and NiMH-batteries.

Lithium-batteries 1...6 cells
• Display of single cell voltages of Lithium- battery packs
• Automatic Cut off using the CC-CV-charge method

Lead batteries 1... cells (2...12Volt)
• Automatic Cut off using the CC-CV-charge method

1 Power Peak B6 EQ-BID charger
1 DC 12V connector lead
1 230V - 5A mains supply with plug
1 Temperature sensor
1 BID-Chip
1 USB-Lead
1 Balancer adapter 2...6S Thunderpower
1 Balancer adapter 2...6S JST XH (Align)
1 Universal charge lead with croc clips
1 Rx charge lead Futaba
1 Tx charge lead Futaba
Voltage source: AC/DC
Input voltage AC: 230 Volt
Input voltage DC: 10-15 Volt
Cell number NiCd/NiMH: 1-14
Cell number LiPo/LiFe/LiIo: 1-6 S
Pb-accus: 2-12 Volt
Integrated balancer: EHR
Balancer adapter enclosed: 1x FTP, 1x XHP
Charge exit: 1
Cutoff NiCd/NiMH: Delta Peak
Max. Charge current: 0,1-5 A
Charging capacity max: 50 W
Balancer current max: 280 mA
Discharge current max: 0,1-1 A
Discharging capacity max: 5 W
Temperature sensor: Beiliegend
PC-interface: Ja
PC- interface cable: beiliegend
Display: LCD beleuchtet
Dimensions: 142 x 89 x 25 mm
Weight approx: 230 g
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