LiFe Pack Hacker TopFuel LiFe 30C 600 mAh 2S

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LiFe Pack Hacker TopFuel LiFe 30C 600 mAh 2S

The Hacker TopFuel battery line is the most advanced and state of the art battery series for your r/c range. Due to our close cooperation with the leading battery developers and manufacturers worldwide, we can immediately react to any r/c trend, drive requirement or customer demand in almost no time. Top Fuel batteries supply perfect energy for your drive. Pilots can only benefit from their motor and controller combination when utilizing a powerful energy source. A perfect motor, controller and battery combination is obligatory for a superior drive concept. Do not compromise when it comes to reliable and powerful batteries.

The development of new drive technologies has revolutionized the r/c model business throughout the last years. Besides the brushless motors and speed controllers the lipo batteries conquered the world markets. However, the battery development does never stop and we are proud to present the latest battery technology. After extensive testing we are ready to launch the all new TopFuel LiFe Batteries.

Life batteries combine the advantages and strengths of current battery technologies. Within a very short period of time they will advance to the top position of users choice. TopFuel LiFe batteries come with the most convincing tech specs and handling is as easy as never before. They are absolutely safe during usage, easy-care and unbelievably robust. The following specs and advantages will simply make you enthusiastic.

With up to 600 cycles these batteries survive almost any model and set new standards concerning lifetime and reliability. You may fast charge LiFe´s with up to 3C. The range of operation is as large as with no other battery type. You may use it within -20°C and +60°C without any power loss. Charging at 0° is possible. LiFe batteries even withstand mistakenly overcharging and discharging without being destroyed immediately. Of course you should handle all batteries with care, more cycles and optimal power output will be the result.

LiFe batteries provide sensational discharge characteristics. The voltage per cell is 3,3V and the charging cut off at 3,6V. The battery packs certainly will be supplied in different forms, sizes and confections. The design and size is similar to the LiPo batteries.

Most of the better chargers already offer a LiFe charging mode. For perfect battery monitoring we have already redesigned our most popular V-Checker. Please check for our latest version. Apart from that: Did you know that LiFe batteries are very environmentally friendly? They contain no

In short:
• More power and operational security
• Extremely robust
• Up to 600 charge cycles
• 3C fast charging
• Operating range within -20°C and +60°C
• No poisonous heavy metal
• Endure overcharging and discharging
• Outstanding discharge characteristics
• Cell voltage 3,3V
• Cut off voltage 3,6V
Construction application: Allgemeiner Antriebsakku
Type of accu: LiFe
Capacity: 600 mAh
Electrical energy: 3,96 Wh
Cell number (S): 2 S
Nominal voltage: 6,6 Volt
Permanent load: 30 C
Continuous current: 18 A
Maximal load short: 50 C
Maximal current short: 30 A
Length approx: 67 mm
Width approx: 30 mm
Height approx: 13,5 mm
Weight approx: 51 g
Balancer adapter: FTP
Electrical connection plug: ohne
Delivery quantity: 1 Stück
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