LiPo Li-Batt FX 3/1-450

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LiPo Li-Batt FX 3/1-450

The Li-BATT packs for significantly more power!

The new MULTIPLEX Li-BATT FX packs have a superb voltage curve, and offer more performance for longer periods. The battery packs are assembled from high-quality, long-life Lithium-polymer cells of high capacity and low internal resistance. They feature extremely high energy density, making them ideal for all applications where low weight is important, but at the same time the battery is required to deliver maximum current. All Li-BATT FX type batteries can be charged with a 2Cchargerate. Li-BATT FX batteries are fitted as standard with MULTIPLEX M6 sockets (exception: Li-BATT FX X/1-5000, which has no discharge socket), and a balancer lead (compatible with the Flight-Power / Thunder-Power connector system). This provides access to all the individual cell voltages of the battery pack. These packs can be connected directly to the MULTIcharger LN-3008 EQU and LN-6015 EQU battery chargers, guaranteeing maximum performance and longevity of the Li-BATT FX batteries when on charge. Adapters (# 8 6003) are available for balancers with the Graupner / robbe compatible connector system. All batteries are supplied in a practical box for transport and storage.

The Li-BATT balancer connector system:
• Locking clip for convenient handling
The clips remove the danger of Li-BATT FX batteries accidentally becoming disconnected during charging or discharging, and you can withdraw the balancer lead from the balancer / equalizer without having to pull on the wires.
• Small, light and compact
But still very easy to handle. Accidental reversed polarity or incorrect connection to the balancer / equalizer is impossible.
• High-quality contacts, low contact resistance

For high currents when charging or discharging. Very important when the battery is charged through the balancer lead, as in the case of our new MULTIcharger LN-5014 EQU.
• Widespread and popular
Since the balancer connector fitted to our Li-BATT BX batteries is compatible with FlightPower / Thunder-Power connectors, the packs can be used with virtually all available balancers / equalizers. An adapter set is also available for connection to balancers fitted with Graupner / robbe connectors.
Type of accu: LiPo
Capacity: 450 mAh
Electrical energy: 4,995 Wh
Cell number (S): 3 S
Nominal voltage: 11,1 Volt
Delivery quantity: 1 Stück
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