MC-Balancer - Liposchutz 2-7S EHR

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MC-Balancer - Liposchutz 2-7S EHR

The Motor Controller (MC) Balancer is a safety module which prevents individual cells in a LiPo battery pack becoming deep-discharged while the model is flying.

The MC Balancer is wired between the receiver output and the speed controller. The voltage sensor lead attached to the LiPo battery must also be connected to the unit. The MC Balancer is then able to monitor the voltage of the individual battery cells during the discharge process.
If any one cell falls to the pre-set low voltage limit, then the MC Balancer slowly reduces the power of the speed controller to a slightly lower value than that defined by the throttle stick position, thereby alerting the pilot to the danger of low voltage.

The reduction in power causes the cell voltage to rise again, in which case the MC Balancer allows more power to be applied. The procedure is repeated until the battery is discharged to the point where it has insufficient energy to continue the flight.

During this long period the pilot has adequate opportunity to land the model.

The MC Balancer represents an effective method of preventing damage or destruction of LiPo cells due to unnoticed deep-discharging in flight.

MC Balancer - life insurance for your valuable LiPo batteries.<>
The cut-off voltage can be set to 2.7 Volts or 3 Volts per cell using a jumper (bridging plug).

In principle the MC Balancer can be used in conjunction with any speed controller or governor, whether a brushed or brushless type. It is also suitable for use with speed controllers fitted with opto-couplers and BEC systems.

• Cell count: 2 - 7 LiPo
• Dimensions: 43.5 x 24.7 x 8.5 mm
• Weight: 9.5g
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