Mantis 1:8 Truggy RTR 4WD 28 Axial Big Block 2.4 GHz

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Mantis 1:8 Truggy RTR 4WD 28 Axial Big Block 2.4 GHz

The Mantis truggy was designed to meet the needs of all levels from beginner to racer. The Mantis truggy was made to be ultra durable on the track, easy to handle and maintain. Features like floating gearboxes, a sealed center gearbox, all the suspension and tuning options you will ever need, and a powerful Axial 4.6 big block help set this truggy apart from the rest of the pack. Use of new materials and intelligent design ensure that this truggy is built to last and capable of competing on the track.
Mantis - the new name in 1/8th scale off road. Ready-to-Run The Mantis comes pre-built, with factory driver set-up, multi-color printed body, and includes an AM radio system with a high torque steering servo and a mini-receiver. The tires are pre-glued on lightweight dish wheels. The kit includes all Allen wrenches, a multi socket wrench, glow-plug igniter, and a 500cc fuel bottle, the only thing left to buy is batteries and fuel!

• 3mm Aluminum Chassis
• Aluminum Upper Deck
• 4WD Shaft-Drive
• Powerful Axial .28 Spec 1s Pull Start Engine
• Adjustable Suspension • Fully Sealed Bearings
• Aluminum Shocks with 3mm shock shaft and 14mm piston
• Aluminum Shock Towers
• Composite Suspension Arms
• Polished Tuned Exhaust Pipe
• Sealed Receiver Box
• Sealed Center Gear Box
• Two Stage Air Filter
• Exclusive Ultra Low Diff design for lower center of gravity
• 4 Bevel Gear Differentials
• Unique Braking System with Dual Brake Disk
• Rubber dampened hinge pin pivot points for better bump absorbsion and increased durability
• Thick composite chassis braces front & rear
• High-tech Radio System with hi-torque steering servo
• Laydown Steering Servo
• Axial Terra-izer Tires
• Lightweight Axial Dish Wheels
• Low profile Axial Mantis body
• Fully printed, decaled and trimmed body
• Floating front and rear differentials
• Universal Joints all around
• Axial Fuel filter with fuel tube holder
• 5 cell 1100mAh receiver battery pack with trickle charger
• 150cc fuel tank with built in splash guard and drain
• Fuel Bottle
• Glow Plug Igniter
• Cross Wrench
• Convenient carry handled box

All you need is fuel and AA batteries and you are ready to go. Big block power The Axial 4.6 big block engine is extremely powerful. With a super-size heat-sink you will never have issues with high temperatures and overheating. A high-flow dual stage air filter protects the engine from contamination. Tuning and adjustments are simple and you can have this truggy up and performing in a short amount of time. The engine is equipped with a pull start system, so no need for an expensive starter box. The polished tuned pipe is very lightweight and has been tuned to the engine for maximum power. Axial is an established name in the marketplace so support is only a call away if needed. Handling The Mantis chassis was designed for an ultra low center of gravity, to be lightweight and have maximum suspension travel. The result is a very easy handling chassis right out of the box and with all the options for setup you can fine tune it to your driving style and track conditions. Long oil-filled 14mm piston aluminum shocks with 3.5mm shafts and super strong composite suspension arms let the car fly over bumps and jumps. The heavy duty aluminum shock towers are strong and allow multiple shock positions for further tuning. All the suspension pins are supported in rubber bushings; this elastic connection avoids damage to the suspension during severe use. The Mantis has three low profile differentials all with a 6 hardened metal gears. The aluminum-top deck is ultra low further adding to the low center of gravity. The Axial Mantis body is low for maximum air flow around the engine. All this adds up to a strong performing chassis with performances advantages you can feel right out of the box. Fully Adjustable The Mantis offers a wide range of tuning adjustments so that you can fine tune your truggy to any driving condition. All important suspension points are easily adjustable.

• 36 possible shock positions available to fine tune your suspension.
• Spring-clips for adjustment of ride height.
• Adjustable front and rear camber
• Adjustable steering geometry
• Front inboard toe angle adjustments: 0º to -2 º
• Rear inboard toe angle adjustments: 0º to -2 º
• Front kick up angle adjustments: 0º to 2 º
• Rear anti dive angle adjustments: 0º to 2 º

The Mantis has been designed for easy access to all important components of the car. All 3 differentials are within easy reach; if you need to access them simply remove 4 screws. The engine and pipe assembly can be pulled out by removing 4 screws. Reaching the steering and suspension adjustment points require removal of only a couple screws each.
• Single speed transmission for maximum performance at the track with the Axial 4.6 big block engine
• 6 gear hardened metal differentials
• Lightweight chassis and components for optimum agility and handling
• Adjustable steering geometry
• Sway bars included for front and rear
• Vented steel disk brakes for maximum breaking
• Super low aluminum upper deck and low mounted components
• Low profile differentials
• Aerodynamic body for high speed and good airflow
• Clean chassis bottom with countersunk screws and seamless transition to the chassis side-guard
• Full set of universal joints (front, rear, center front, and center rear)
• Axial Fuel Filter Durability Features
• All gears in drive train are hardened steel
• Super-durable suspension and shock towers
• Long composite shocks with diaphragms
• 17mm Wheel Hex Hubs
• Fully closed drive-train Additional Features
• Wire routing for servo leads and receiver
• 150cc fuel tank with splash guard and drain
• Included transponder mount, allows use of all AMB transponders
• Dust-sealed receiver/battery-box.

Mantis Specifications <\b>
• Length: 550mm
• Width: 415mm
• Wheelbase: 368mm
• Height:190mm
• Track:380mm
• Fuel Tank capacity: 150cc
Mode of engine: Verbrenner (GP)
Modellart 1: Truggy
Scale: 1:8
Mode of driving: 4 WD
Kit version: RTR
Length approx: 550 mm
Width approx: 415 mm
Height approx: 190 mm
Wheelbase: 362 - 368 (einstellbar) mm
Inclusive engine: Axial 28 Spec1s Big Block Motor
Carriage: lackiert und beklebt
Other: inklusive 2,4 GHz Anlage
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