Nighthawk Pro 280 CFK/GFK Racecopter ARF

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Mfr. No. EMX-MR-1541
Article No. 187868
  • Flight Controller: Skyline32 (integriert am Board)
  • FPV Transmitter: 20mW/200mW
  • Antenne: 5.8G Clover 3 Blade Antenna
  • FPV Kamera: 1/3-inch CMOS
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Nighthawk Pro 280 CFK/GFK Racecopter ARF

The Nighthawk Pro 280 was designed from the ground up to meet the exacting specifications of the Drone Racer. It comes fully tuned with the new Skylight 32 integrated flight control board with four 12Amp BLHeli One shot speed controllers. The power system consists of EMAX 2204 2300 kV motors and 6045 propellers mounted on a 10 degree tilt allowing greater forward speeds without sacrificing elevation. For the FPV racer, the Nighthawk Pro 280 includes a 700TVL camera with optional tilt mounts that allow you a perfect horizontal view in flight, and a 20W-200W video transmitter with a selectable switch, allowing you the option to choose the power output of your transmitter. It is without a doubt an exciting new quadcopter that captures the joy of quadcopter racing!


Independent designed solid, durable and stable frame, centroid and center of gravity are same even battery installed
Prebuilt frame and extra accessories, Built with powerful EMAX power system and open source flight controller to ensure power and customizable (RTF model can fly after battery and propellers installed)
The sturdy copter frame has extensive flight test and endurance test.
Bright COB rear LED, different LED color can use distinguish copters when group flying (LED power consumption is 4W, which might decrease flying times.)
All in one design to combine ESC, BEC, and flight controller for easy installation and easy replacement. Plug and play motor, easy for swapping motor and no soldering needed.
Independent. Independent ESC and flight controller and power supply. ESC switch to perform single ESC calibration and boot pad to perform software and firmware upgrade.
Flight controller use 32bit ARM micro processor, fast process speed to ensure fast respond
Gyroscope, magnetometer, and accelerometer and barometer expansion port. With CPPM receiver GPS feature can be enable. (GPS module sold separately)
Support RC Input: standard signal, CPPM (PPM SUM) signal, PWM singal.
Low voltage monitoring and low voltage warning. (Buzzer sold separately)
Use EMAX 12A ESC, support open source BLHeli and ONESHOT feature; flight controller is based on NAZE32 Skyline32, support open source configurator Baseflight and Cleanflight
Extra power output and power output switch for LED expansion.


Wheelbase: 280mm
Flight Weight: 440g(No Battery Included )
Frame Size: 252mm*260mm*75mm
Package Size: 315*295*100(mm)
Motor: MT2204(Customization Version)
ESC: BLheli 12A 4in1(Integrate on board)
Propeller: 6045
Flight controller: Skyline32(Integrate on board)
FPV transmitter: 20MW/200MW
Antenna: 5.8G Clover 3 Blade Antenna Straight Connector
FPV Camera: 1/3-inch CMOS

Configuration Suggest:

Battery: 3S,1500-2200mAH 30C
Transmitter and Receiver
Mode of driving: Elektro (EP)
Multicopter Type: racecopter
Camera: inklusive
Video Downlink (FPV): ja
diagonale motordistance: 280 mm
Weight approx: 440 g
Inclusive engine: MT2204
Kit version: ARTF
Suitable for: Anfänger bis Experte

perfekt: auspacken, Empfänger rein, Propeller drauf - fertig! :)

man muss sonst nichts zusammenbauen oder herumlöten

(Peter , 14.10.2015 11:59)
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perfekt: auspacken, Empfänger rein, Propeller drauf - fertig! :)

man muss sonst nichts zusammenbauen oder herumlöten

(Peter , 14.10.2015 11:59)
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