PowerBox 12 with charging cables

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PowerBox 12 with charging cables

Power Switch with dual power control
only 35 gramms!
Power handling up to 12 Amps
For use with batteries consisting of 4 or 5 NC or NiMH cells, freely selectable
Working voltage range: 4.0 V to 8.0 V
Temperature range: -10° to +55° C
Voltage loss: 0.25 V
Weight only 35 grammes

Design and function

This compact product combines the performance features of our safety switch and a powerful battery backer in a single case which will fit in virtually any model.

The two servo leads which supply power to the receiver and servos feature a conductor cross-section of 0.34 mm² and have gold-plated connector contacts. The same applies to the two battery leads

All the backer components are soldered to a single circuit board. The cables to the backer are soldered directly (no kinks) to broad solder pads, and protected from the effects of vibration by means of a special supporting adhesive. The cables which exit the case are also protected from vibration and kinking by heat-shrink sleeving with internal adhesive. The charge socket is separated from the inside of the switch by a partition, so that the PowerBox 12 is also very well protected against dust and dirt penetration.

The switch positions are marked on the case: when the switch is moved towards the LED, it is in the ON position. The primary purpose of the integral three-colour LED fitted to the switch case is to indicate the switched state of the PowerBox 12. However, it also changes colour to indicate the condition of the two batteries connected to the backer: if both batteries are in good order, the LED glows orange. If the LED glows green, battery 1 is still in good condition, but battery 2 is faulty or flat. If it glows red, battery 2 is in order, but battery 1 is faulty or flat. The assignment of packs 1 and 2 is determined when you connect the batteries.

Both batteries can be charged simultaneously by means of the integral charge socket fitted to the switch case (MPX connector: increased current capacity), provided that a standard battery charger is used, e.g. the Robbe Lader 5, Graupner Multilader 6, Titan etc. Automatic chargers and reflex chargers must not be used, because these units are only capable of processing one battery at one charge output. When charging takes place, this means that the two batteries are separated in the backer by an additional pair of de-coupling diodes. Both batteries must be disconnected from the backer if you wish to fast-charge them. The total current through the charge socket should not exceed 2 A.

Should you have any questions regarding the power supply for your model, we would be please to advise you.
Input voltage: 4 - 8 Volt
Output voltage receiver: 4 - 8 Volt
Temperature unit: - 10 - +55 °C
Weight approx: 35 g
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