PowerBox Evolution incl. sensor key and sensor switch

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PowerBox Evolution incl. sensor key and sensor switch

Smallest and lightest Power current supply with linear controlled voltage for receivers and servos.

• Double linear voltage stabilisation for receiver and servos, supplying 5.90 Volts
• Power handling up to 2 x 10 Amps
• For 7.4 Volt LiPo batteries (PowerBox Battery) or 5-cell NC or NiMH batteries
• 5 channels remotely accessed from the receiver
• 5 two-way signal amplifiers
• 16 servo sockets on the backer
• Interference suppression for all 16 servo inputs (no ferrite rings required)
• Independent IC-controlled voltage monitors (LED chains)
• Two external ultra-bright warning LEDs
• Minimum voltage memory (low voltage memory) for both batteries, can be read individually
• Two integral electronic switches, controlled by the SensorSwitch
• Operating voltage range 4.0 to 9.0 Volts
• Temperature range -10° to +55° C
• Voltage loss approx. 0.35 Volts
• Current drain 25 mA
• Weight only 115 grammes complete with all cables and SensorSwitch

further information
with double, linear controlled voltage stabilisation
with double battery control
with double impulse reinforcement for every channel
with two electronical safety switches (sensor key)
The PowerBox 40/16 Evolution is a modern supply which consists of all electronical components you need for modern servos and models. (trademarked DE 203 13 420.6) The components for a safe supply voltage e.g. ICs or electronical circuits are generally conducted twice.

So you have a concept with two batteries, but you do not need any other double components. The PowerBox 40/16 Evolution can be operated with NC or Lipo cells. If you choose the modern and light LiPo batteries, we would recommend the PowerBox Battery 1500 and the PowerBox Battery 2800 from our delivery programme.

You can "swap out" 5 channels from the receiver to the PowerBox 40/16 Evolution. The PowerBox 40/16 Evolution is equipped with two independent IC controlled voltage monitors to control the capability of both current sources. Three coloured LEDs are related to the ongoing voltage of the battery. A green, orange and red LED send a signal from the voltage situation of every battery. The sensor switch conduce to actuate external of the electronical switch within the PowerBox 40/16 Evolution. This sensor switch only provides the switching impulse.

For an even better control of the current source a low voltage memory was integrated in addition for both batteries. This low voltage memory records every single voltage drop for every battery while flying. This is a very important adjustement for the significance of a voltage control. The batteries not only show the capacity for example befor a flight, they are also checked while flying. You can recall the low voltage memory after every flight when you push both sensor switches I and II, before you switch it off.

Summary: double design of all securit relevant building elements, two controls, two electronical keys, two tension controls, two low voltag memories, impulse reinforcement for every channel, sensor key with safety switch, high capacity
Input voltage: 4 -9 Volt
Output voltage receiver: 5,9 Volt
Output voltage servo: 5,9 Volt
Closed current (switched on) approx: 25 mA
Continuous current: 2 x 10 A
Servo adapter: 6 (16)
Temperature unit: -10 - +55 °C
Weight approx: 115 g
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