Programmierkarte Arrowind Brushless Regler

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Programmierkarte Arrowind Brushless Regler

1 Cut Off Spannung: low voltage protection threshold:
user can set proper voltage threshold according to cell quantity in range of 00.0~49.9, defaut is 00.0V.

2 StartPower Percent: (00%~29%)
to set the percent of output power when motor start in range of 00%~29%, default is 00%, Under default setting, output power is decided automatically by system according to throttle stick position.

3 Timing Mode: Low/Mid/High/Highest.
Low advance is recommended for high inductance and low KV motors.
High advance timing is recommended for low inductance and high KV motors, e.g. high KV outrunner motors.

4 Brake Type: Off/Soft/Very Soft)
default is Off(brake disable).
Soft brake: less forceful and brake time is longer.
Hard brake: more forceful and brake time is shorter.

5 Start Mode: Fast start/Soft start/very Soft start.
Fast is preferred for fixed-wing aircraft. Soft and Very Soft both are 4 seconds very soft start. The speed of propeller rotation rises in slow-speed during the 4 seconds. The rotation speed is little faster in Soft and is slower in Very Soft. Soft and Very Soft are suitable for helicopters.

6 Cutoff Type : Soft-Cut/Cut-Off
Cut-Off option: immediate motor shutdown occurs in low-voltage.
Soft-Cut option: Reduce throttle power to below 50% of the full power at low-voltage if current output Power is more than 50% of the full on throttle power, or else it will keep unchanged.

7 Throttle Curve Mode: CURVE1/CURVE2/CURVE3
This function adjust the optimum ESC response to throttle stick movement.
Curve1 is linear and normal throttle curve, recommend for most fixed-wing planes.
Curve2 and curve3 are sensiable than normal (like logarithm curve). Recommend for gliders and helicotpers.

8 Motor Rotation:
Forward and reverse. Default is Forward.
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