RC Schnitzer BMW M3 Sport Evo - TT01

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RC Schnitzer BMW M3 Sport Evo - TT01

First released on the TA01 chassis (Item #58113) more than 10 years ago, the Schnitzer BMW M3 Sport Evo is back, and better than ever on the high performance TT-01 chassis. The TT-01 is an easy to assemble lightweight chassis perfect for beginners. Featuring loads of separately available option parts, you can upgrade your TT-01 chassis to suit your developing R/C skills and knowledge.

About the Schnitzer BMW M3 Sport Evo
Racing in the 1992 German Touring Car Championships, the BMW Schnitzer Team was touted as the strongest of the BMW works teams for 1992. Boasting a 2.5 litre 4-cylinder DOHC engine with 380hp output, the BMW M3 Sport Evo pushed the Mercedes-Benz 190 Evo 2 hard all season. In round 13, Joachim Winkelhock was finally able to snare a hard fought victory, finally getting the better of the 190. The M3 Sport Evo remains a classic racing machine loved by racing fans from all over the world.

About the model
• Easy to assemble 4WD shaft driven bathtub TT-01 chassis.
• Features Urethane Bumper M and new window stickers.
• Driver figure and cockpit detailing featured in Item #58113 not included with kit.
Mode of engine: elektro (EP)
Modellart 1: On Road
Scale: 1:10
Mode of driving: 4 WD
Kit version: KIT/Bausatz
Length approx: 390 mm
Width approx: 183 mm
Wheelbase: 257 mm
Inclusive engine: 540er
Carriage: unlackiert

Für Anfänger sehr gut geeignet.

Leicht zu bauen und einfach zu warten.

Allerdings sollten das TT-01 Tuning Kit (wegen den Kugellagern, Öldruckdämpfern und Speedgetriebe) und die Alu-Hauptwelle mitbestellt werden.
Würde auch die einstellbaren Spurstangen mitbestellen, da die originalen starren Spurstangen die Federung leicht behindern.

(Bernhard , 09.02.2012 00:26)

Ideales Fahrzeug für neueinsteiger im Modellsport. Fahrzeug fährt sich gut nur man sollte gleich die Kugellager mitbestellen.

(Andreas , 27.05.2012 07:00)
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Ideales Fahrzeug für neueinsteiger im Modellsport. Fahrzeug fährt sich gut nur man sollte gleich die Kugellager mitbestellen.

(Andreas , 27.05.2012 07:00)
Achsschenkel Vorspur TT-01
AN 55718 Mfr. No.: 300053673
4-10 working days delivery
Motorhitzeschild Alu TT-01 / DF-02
AN 55712 Mfr. No.: 300053664
4-10 working days delivery
Anlenkung Alu TT-01
instead of € 54.16 € 41.66
AN 55715 Mfr. No.: 300053670
4-10 working days delivery
Stabilisator-Set hi TT-01
instead of € 28.74 € 21.66
AN 57953 Mfr. No.: 300053695
4-10 working days delivery
Racingpack 7,2V 3000 mAh NiMH Sub-C Robitronic
AN 71434 Mfr. No.: SC3000
in stock
Ladegerät AC MODSTER Charger 30
instead of € 26.66 € 19.16
AN 216298 Mfr. No.: 216298
in stock
in stock
in stock
Servo MEX-625BB HD Digital Standard modelleXXpert
AN 100611 Mfr. No.: 100611
in stock
FS Reflex X1 2-Kanal 2,4 GHz
instead of € 36.66 € 24.99
AN 215954 Mfr. No.: 500500048
in stock
Achsschenkel Beutel TT-01
AN 59369 Mfr. No.: 309005713
4-10 working days delivery
P-Teile TT-01 Tamiya
AN 58752 Mfr. No.: 300051005
4-10 working days delivery
Bodenplatte TT-01
AN 56754 Mfr. No.: 300051001
in stock
D-Platte TT01
€ 5.83
AN 52717 Mfr. No.: 309005719
4-10 working days delivery
B-Platte TT01
€ 14.99
AN 53461 Mfr. No.: 300051003
in stock
Getriebegelenk TT01
AN 53697 Mfr. No.: 300051006
4-10 working days delivery
G-Part TT-01 Getriebe
AN 54312 Mfr. No.: 300051004
4-10 working days delivery
A-Platte TT01
€ 11.66
AN 56621 Mfr. No.: 300051002
in stock
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