Receiver power supply PRX-5A

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Receiver power supply PRX-5A

PRX-5A (Power for Receiver)

A highly developed, stabilised receiver power supply with intelligent power management. This unit guarantees a stabilised, user-selectable power supply for the receiver, with the aim of further enhancing the reliability of the power supply. It is suitable for use with a wide range of receiver batteries, and therefore forms a simple means of providing a reliable power supply in a very wide range of models. If the battery voltage should collapse while the system is operating - even if only for a brief period - the unit stores the event and indicates it subsequently. The user is therefore warned of an inadequate or even failing receiver battery, and can implement suitable counter-measures in good time. If the PRX is switched on via the safety on/off switch, it remains switched on until it is explicitly switched off even if the switch is defective.

• For use with one or two receiver batteries

• Simultaneous discharging when used with two batteries

• For use with five-cell or six-cell NiMH batteries or two-cell LiPo or LiFe batteries, GRAUPNER/JR G3.5, G2 and BEC connectors

• Four user-selectable output voltage levels for powering the receiver (5.1 V / 5.5 V / 5.9 V / 6.3 V)

• Dual receiver power supply for maximisedsecurity

• Two LEDs indicate the operational state of Battery 1 and Battery 2 separately

• Ultra-bright LEDs for good legibility even in poor light conditions

• Integral high-quality safety On / Off switch

• Heavy-duty construction for handling high currents

• Low-profile switch and LEDs to avoid spoiling the model's appearance and characteristics

• In-line arrangement of mounting lugs, LEDs and switch for simple installation using the drilling template supplied

• Battery types: 2-cell Lipo

• 2-cell LiFe

• 2-cell LiIon

• 5-cell NiMH/NiCd

• 6-cell NiMH/NiCd

• Input voltage: 4V to 9V (stable operation is not possible below 4V)

• Max. input voltage: 12V

• Biascurrent: approx. 0.3µA (switched off)

• Max. continuous current: approx. 5 A (for 1 min. for LiPo 5.9V)

• Max. peak current: approx. 15A (for 1 sec. for LiPo 5.9V)

• Max. peak current: approx. 25A (for 100 msec. for LiPo 5.9V)

• The data refer to operation of the PRX without active cooling e.g. by overflowing air. With cooling, the values are even higher

• Weight approx. 35g


All-up weight, approx.: 35 g
Dimensions (LxWxH): 70 x 20 x 20 mm

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