Servo DES 676 BB Graupner

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Servo DES 676 BB Graupner

A new series of products to complement our existing range of digital servos. These DES servos represent a product line which includes a suitable servo for every type of application, covering a vast range of specifications: different case sizes, gearbox types, torque levels and transit speeds, designed for any modeller from the beginnerto the competition pilot. The range includes some fully sealed versions (case screws, case sections and output gear) for increased operational reliability of your models. Servos with precision-made twin-ballraced gearboxes made of aluminium and other metals guarantee superbly accurate positional performance. High-quality Amtel micro-controllers are used to process the control signals and provide good positional accuracy.

Suitable for RC model aircraft, helicopters and RC model cars
• 2 x ballraces
• Carbonite gearbox
Control: Digital
Ball bearings: 2
Gears: Carbonit
Length approx: 32 mm
Width approx: 16 mm
Height approx: 33 mm
Weight approx: 26 g
Input voltage: 4,8-6,0 Volt
Torque 4,8 V approx: 37 Ncm
Holding torque 4,8 V approx: 830 Ncm
Speed 4,8 V approx: 0,09 Sek/40°
Torque 6 V approx: 44 Ncm
Holding torque 6 V approx: 97 Ncm
Speed 6 V approx: 0,07 Sek/40°
Power input max. at 4,8 V approx: 795 mA
Power input max. at 6 V approx: 995 mA
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Zugentlastung RC Steckverbindung
AN 83141 Mfr. No.: 3506
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Servoarm CFK-Hochlast DES 51 mm (4)
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Servoarm CFK-Hochlast DES 36 mm (4)
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AN 101235 Mfr. No.: 7941.2
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