Speed controller MULTicont MSB EXPERT 20

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Speed controller MULTicont MSB EXPERT 20

In this era of brushless motors and Lithium batteries, the speed controller is the central element in the whole power train, and its significance is constantly growing. Because this central component determines many aspects of the power system’s performance (motor speed, current, etc.), it directly generates vital data which can contribute substantially to the pilot’s information, once processed and bound into a telemetry system. This crucial data is available directly from the controller, without additional external sensors. All this is implemented in the new MULTIcont MSB EXPERT series of speed controllers.
Values for motor speed, current, controller temperature, voltage and residual flight battery charge can be fed directly into the MSB, and displayed via M-LINK on the transmitter screen. In future you will be able to monitor all the relevant parameters of your power system without having to resort to external sensors - whether your model is a fixed-wing aircraft or a helicopter. Naturally it is also possible to define warning thresholds for critical parameters, so that on-screen warnings can be displayed when danger looms. Controller temperature and maximum current, which are specific to the hardware of each controller, are set up as Standard.

Special features:
• S-BEC (integral pulsed receiver power supply for low dissipated power)
• Variable S-BEC voltage (5, 6, 7, 8 Volt), defined by jumper. Allows the receiver output voltage to be matched accurately to the servos in use.
• Optional back-up battery for receiver power supply (MULTIcont MSB Expert 80) Stand-by power supply for the receiving system if the flight pack collapses
• Option to connect safety switch harness (# 85195 / # 8 5196) (MULTIcont MSB Expert 60) Motor can be armed separately when flight battery is connected – prevents the motor starting up accidentally during pre-flight preparations. A great safety advantage!
• Integral anti-flash function (no sparking when the flight battery is plugged in -> longer battery life and prevention of contact erosion, eliminating gradual rise in transfer resistance).
• Controller software can be updated (using MULTIPLEX launcher)

Programmable using throttle stick
(alternatively using MULTImate or MULTIPLEX launcher)
• Low-voltage cut-off for LiPo / LiFe batteries (LiPo / LiFe mode)
• Switchable brake
• Reversal of motor direction
• Motor start behaviour (options: soft / standard – for helicopter and fixed-wing)
• Motor cut-off behaviour (option: motor off / reduced power)
• Timing (option: automatic / 7° / 22° - 30°)
• Pulse frequency (option: 8 / 16 kHz)
• Model type: fixed-wing model / governor mode (regulated rotor speed for model helicopters)

Additional parameters, programmable using MULTImate (# 8 2094) or MULTIPLEX launcher
• NiXX mode (automatic low-voltage cut-off for NiXX batteries)
• Battery cut-off voltage (0.1 V - 50 V)
• Gearbox reduction ratio (0.01 – 25.00) Allows accurate calculation of propeller / rotor speed when using geared motors
• Number of motor poles (2 – 32)
• Warning thresholds for motor speed, voltage, battery charge / capacity (fixed warning thresholds for speed controller temperature and current – controller-specific)
Application area: Flugmodelle
Application area: Hubschrauber
Cell number NiCd/NiMH: 4-12
Cell number LiPo: 2-4 S
Cell number LiPo/LiFe: 2-5 S
Continuous current: 20 A
BEC maximal current short: 5 A
Chopping frequency: 8/16 kHz
Length approx: 50 mm
Width approx: 31 mm
Height approx: 20 mm
Weight with cable: 50 g
Programming: Sender oder Programmer
Telemetry compatible:
Telemetry function: Drehzahl, Strom, Reglertemperatur, Spannung, Restladung Akku
Other: Integrierte Antiblitzfunktion
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Multimate programme and servo tester
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