T-REX 600L Dominator Combo

Mfr. No. RH60E16AT
Article No. 211367
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T-REX 600L Dominator Combo

Powered by 750MX (530KV) motor engraved with DOMINATOR insignia, providing extraordinary power output.
The latest BL815H and BL855H metallic brushless servos are standard equipment, featuring superior torque, speed with unparalleled efficiency and precision.
These servos are highly appraised by team pilots for their low operation heat, contributing to dramatically increased longevity.

The superior control feel, and attractive look, the T-Rex 600L Dominator is the top choice for any enthusiasts!

• Equipped with the low CG DFC rotor head, effectively reduce wind resistance during flight, providing the most direct and precise control feel back to the pilot, and exhibits exhilarating 3D performance and unimaginable flight speed. The brand new spindle shaft design features with oversized M5x10mm spindle screws to increase the rigidity of the overall rotor head.
• Brand new 600E PRO Performance Booster designed specifically to bump up the power output of T-Rex 600E PRO by 30% by upgrading the motor from 600MX motor (3300w/5500w) to 750MX/530KV motor (4400w/7260w). The feel as if a turbo charger was added to the helicopter, with dramatic increase of motor torque output, and near bulletproof governing speed of the rotor, while maintaining power consistency throughout the entire flight duration.
• Top mounted motor base and imbedded servo mounts. The latest BL815H and BL855H metallic brushless servos are standard equipment, featuring superior torque, speed with unparalleled efficiency and precision. These servos are highly appraised by team pilots for their low operation heat, contributing to dramatically increased longevity.
• New lightweight H-cross section for electronic equipments.
• Sliding battery tray rails imbedded into 3K Side frame.
• Equipped with new high strength CNC M1/118T helical main gear and tail drive bevel gear assembly, featuring reinforced overall gear structure and increased gear thickness, effectively improves gear′s anti torsion ability to prevent gear from deforming under extreme power, reducing gear wear and power loss.
• CNC machined aluminum pieces including servo mount.
• New tail control assembly with dual mounting points, effectively eliminate slop and improve control precision and feel.
• Utilizes newly developed, highest spec and superior anti-wear material to increase the overall strength and durability for torque tube drive gear. Effectively minimize gear striping and crash damage.

Length: 1160mm
Height: 319mm
Width: 210mm
Main Blade Length: 600mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 1347mm
Tail Blade Length: 95mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 260mm
Motor Drive Gear: 14T
Main Drive Gear: 118T
Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 131T
Tail Drive Gear: 34T
Drive Gear Ratio: 1:8.42:3.85
Weight (with Motor): 2900g

• 2x 600mm Carbon Fiber Main Blade
• 2x 95mm Carbon Fiber Tail Blade
• 1x 750MX Brushless Motor (530KV)
• 3x BL815H High Voltage Brushless Servo
• 1x BL855H High Voltage Brushless Servo
• 1x Castle EDGE HV 80 Brushless ESC

Required for assembly
• 1x Transmitter (7-channel or more, helicopter system)
• 1x Receiver (7-channel or more)
• 1x Flybarless System
• 2x 6S 22,2V Li-Po 2600~4600mAh or 1x 12S 44,4V Li-Po 2600~4600mAh (3300mAh suggestion)
• 1x Li-Po Charger
• 1x Digital Pitch Gauge or Dial Pitch Gauge
Mode of driving: Elektro (EP)
Type of rotor head: Flybarless
Rotordiameter: 1347 mm
Rotor blade length: 600 mm
Tail rotor diameter: 260 mm
Rotor tail drive: Starrantrieb
Length approx: 1160 mm
Width approx: 210 mm
Height approx: 319 mm
Weight approx: 2900 g
Reduction: 1:8.42:3.85
Inclusive engine: 750MX Brushless Motor (530kV)
Recommended battery: 12S Lipo oder 2x6S 2600-4600mAh (3300mAh empfohlen)
Kit version: Kit/Bausatz
Suitable for: Fortgeschrittene & Experten
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