TRAXXAS Slash VXL 1/10 TSM 12V-Lader SC Racing Truck Brushless

Mfr. No. TRX58076-3
Article No. 195294
  • Traxxas Stability Management (TSM)
  • Extreme Leistung durch Brushless Motor
  • Verknüpfung mit der Traxxas Link App durch das Traxxas Wireless Modul (separat erhältlich)
  • Wasserfeste Elektronik für Fahrspaß bei jedem Wetter
  • Spitzengeschwindigkeit: 100km/h
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TRAXXAS Slash VXL 1/10 TSM 12V-Lader SC Racing Truck Brushless

The award-winning, best-selling Traxxas Slash, now with Velineon Brushless Power.
Slash VXL crushes the competition with brute force acceleration and unmatched top speed. With the included Power Cell 7-cell NiMh battery, Slash VXL rockets to over 40mph.
Install optional 3S LiPo power, and Slash VXL blasts past 60mph!

The Slash VXL combines extreme brushless horsepower with the proven fun and durability that have made Slash the number-1 selling short course truck.
Hardcore acceleration completely blows everything else away.
Out of the box, Velineon is optimized to deliver the tire-melting horsepower, benchmark speed, and precision throttle response you expect from brushless.
Best of all, it′s brushless done the Traxxas way: wicked fast and easy to use. There′s no tricky programming to figure out or a glossary of new vocabulary to learn.
Just plug it in and it works.

The Velineon Brushless Power system takes the guesswork out of enjoying the benefits of world-class brushless power.
The system components work together as an optimized package, engineered from the start to deliver the ultimate in efficiency, speed, and run time.
With the Slash VXL, Your battery selection determines your speed and skill level.
Velineon accepts the widest range of battery types, including 3-cell Lithium Polymer packs (3S LiPo packs).
These packs pump out over 11 volts of power for intense, skill level 5 speeds beyond 65mph! Nothing else even comes close.
Built-in low-voltage detection in the VXL-3s™ Electronic Speed Control conveniently helps you maintain your LiPo battery packs in top condition.

The World′s Most Advanced Ready-To-Race® Radio System
Traxxas Slash is equipped with the world′s most advanced Ready-To-Race® radio system.
The all-new Traxxas® TQi™ arrives with a full complement of tuning features and offers the unbeatable convenience of "no channels, no crystals" 2.4GHz technologyemdash but that′s just the beginning.
Automatic model recognition instantly recalls your settings for up to 30 Traxxas Link-enabled models.
Just switch on and drive, no naming or "model memory" settings required.
Power up the transmitter and the model you want to drive, and the settings for that model are dialed in immediately!
The new TQi 2.4GHz transmitter is fully adjustable:
steering and throttle end points can be set precisely, and the Multi-Function knob can be programmed to control Steering Sensitivity (Expo),
Throttle Sensitivity (Expo), Steering Percentage (Dual Rate), Braking Percentage (Dual Rate), or Throttle Trim.
TQi′s ergonomic case design provides all-day driving comfort, and the unique internal antenna contributes to its sleek, modern look.

Traxxas Link Wireless Module Compatible
The TQi′s most important new feature may already be in your pocket.
The TQi can be equipped with an Traxxas Link Wireless Module (#6511, sold separately) that turns your Android, iPad® iPhone® or iPod touch® (sold separately)
into a powerful tuning tool for your Traxxas model. The full-color display combines with the free Traxxas Link™ App to deliver an intuitive, high-definition,
full-color graphical user interface that unlocks the mysteries of optimizing your radio system for ultimate vehicle control.
Traxxas Link also opens the door to telemetry capability when you add optional sensors to your model.

Waterproof Electronics For No-Limits R/C Excitement
Now a hallmark of Traxxas vehicles, Slash VXL is the latest model to be equipped with fully waterproof electronics to keep the fun rolling in water, mud and snow while lesser cars stay on the bench.
The patent-pending sealed receiver box houses Traxxas′ newest 5-channel micro receiver and can accept aftermarket receivers as well, without compromising the models′ waterproof properties.
The VXL-3s electronic speed control and high-torque, digital servo are sealed against the elements giving you the freedom go places other cars wouldn′t dare to venture.

Proven Velineon Brushless Power
The Velineon 3500 Brushless Motor is precision-matched for use in the 1/10th scale Slash VXL, delivering the perfect balance of brutal horsepower and efficiency.
The sensorless design works with the sophisticated circuitry in the VXL-3s Electronic Speed Control for smooth starts and precise control,
without the need for additional sensors and wiring. Since there are no brushes or commutator to cause friction and wear, Velineon brushless power is always fast, run after run.
The Velineon VXL-3s forward/reverse electronic speed control simplifies brushless technology with easy operation that gives you all the control you need for maximum fun.
Quickly choose from 3 drive profiles in exactly the same manner as other Traxxas electronic speed controls (such as the XL-5).
Profiles include: Sport, Race, and Training Mode (patented).
Training Mode™ limits full-throttle power to 50% allowing young or new drivers to safely develop their control skills before unleashing the full-throttle capability of the [3355R VXL-3s Waterproof ESC Right] Velineon system.
Slash VXL′s performance can be tailored for drivers of any age and experience.
High-frequency transistors and advanced circuit design deliver incredibly smooth and refined throttle control.

New Dual-Bellcrank Steering With Integrated Servo Saver
Originally developed for Slash 4X4, the Slash VXL′s steering bellcranks feature optimized geometry and a cam-type servo-saver to protect the servo′s gears from crash damage without compromising steering precision.

New Heavy-Duty Driveshafts
Brutal brushless horsepower would stress ordinary drivetrain components to their limits, so Slash VXL steps up with new, extra-strong telescoping universal-joint driveshafts.
In combination with Slash′s Brushless Ready steel-gear transmission, the result is a Traxxas-Tough driveline that makes certain every watt of Velineon power is transformed into rocket-like thrust.

100% Fully Assembled and Ready-To-Race®
Traxxas backs the Slash VXL and all of our products with top-notch support that is second to none.
A staff of skilled representatives is on-hand to answer your questions via phone, website, or email.
Unmatched parts support allows Slash VXL to be serviced with parts and support from thousands of hobby dealers worldwide.
Your investment is also protected by the Traxxas Lifetime Electronics Warranty.
Traxxas goes the extra mile to ensure that your R/C experience is easy and fun (and fast!).
Follow the details link on the left to go in depth on all the Slash VXL performance benefits, and also be sure to check out the videos page to see Slash VXL in action for yourself.

- 1x Fully assembled, Ready-To-Race®, with TQi™ 2.4GHz radio system,
Velineon® Brushless Power System, and Race Replica painted body.
Mode of engine: Elektro (EP)
Modellart 1: Shortcorse
Scale: 1:10
Mode of driving: 2 WD
Kit version: RTR
Length approx: 568 mm
Width approx: 296 mm
Height approx: 214 mm
Inclusive engine: Ja
Carriage: lackiert und Beklebt
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