Turbine JetCat PHT-2 1400 UPM Links

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Turbine JetCat PHT-2 1400 UPM Links

Now you can finally use the PHT2 a real turbine power, after the usage of 10 to 15 ccm piston engine or souped up electronic engines. That is model fly on highest standard.
In dependence on the PHT3 it becomes created a mini turbine actuation which offers you new possibilities. Considerable providers of helicopter models have a a multiplicity of attractive helicopter clones with a comprehensive auxiliary equipment in the class up to 1,7 m rotor diameter.

The PHT2 is offered as a compact one shaft driving gear with a complete mechanical build-up. The capacity of the driving gear becomes taken off the turbine runner. The main driving gear is based on the tried and tested P60, which is optimated on shaft power. The drive section consists of turbine, centrifugal clutch, starting generator, rotor shaft with free-wheeling and tail rotor drive. The mechanics becomes completed because of a mounted servo fixing for a 4 point linkage, platforms for gyros or other components, numerous fixing possibilites. You obtain a suitable mechanics with driving gear and our comprehensive accessory package for lots of helicopter types.

JetCat innovation
Starting generator to decking the buty battery!

- Rotor because of centrifugal clutch and free wheel decoupled of actuation
- Easy to maintain, low noise gear belt drive in the primary level
- Special gear teeth in the last reduction stage
- Starting generator to charge the battery
- Precision ceramic bracket in the lift machine for low maintenance duty.
- JetCat turbine electronics
- Rotation speed regulation for a constant rotor speed
- Free programmable system
- Turbine is starting without compressed air or air blower
- Automatical cooling of the turbine after switching off
- RS232 computer cutting point
- Display of the actual operating parameters for example rotation speed, temperature, pump tension, battery tension, fuel consumption, leftover fuel, last delay, total currency etc.
- Memory ID-chip: All adjustments / dates become saved on the turbine page, automatical turbine recognition.

Operation purpose: Model helicopter with a main rotor diameter of approximately 1600 - 1700 mm and a maximal takeoff weight of max. 9 kg. The takeoff weight should not be oversteped in no case!

3 years guarantee!
To sustain the guarantee during the whole time the consumer reobligates to send the turbines at the latest after 25 operating hours to the service against payment to CAT.

Power: 2,7 KW
Weight approx: 2222 g
Idle speed: 60.000 1/min
Number of revolutions while flying: 125.000 1/min
Remain thrust: ca.8 N
Exhaust temperature: 480-730 °C
Fuel consumption: 60-230 ml/min
Recommended fuel: Kerosin Jet A1, Petroleum, Premium Diesel
Lubrification: ca. 5 % vollsynth. Turbinenöl im Kraftstoff
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