Turbine JetCat PHT-3 Linkslauf 1283 UPM

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Turbine JetCat PHT-3 Linkslauf 1283 UPM

Shaft power turbine
JetCat PHT3 one shaft helicopter driving gear
The engine output of the PHT3 one shaft helicopter driving gear comes directly from the turbine rotor. Every other applications gets placed space spaving. This includes the servo fixing, centrifugal clutch, tail rotor drift, platform for gyros or other component parts. You obtain a complete mechanism with driving gear which is suitable for a lot of helicopter types.

- Real turbine power with enormous capacity reserves also for big helicopters
- Rotor direction of rotation (left/right) free choosable
- Rotor because of centrifugal clutch and freewheel of starting decoupled (rotor stays in idle running)
- Optional rotor brake
- Original JetCat car starting system:
- Automatical start of the turbine at the push of a button on the remote control transmitter without external additional drive sets or auxiliary materials - easy to maintain, low noise tooth belt gear in the primary layer
- Special gear teeth in the last gear layer, for high qiet running and a safe closed linkage
- Complete set: unpack, build in, fly
- over 1000 point turbine system
- Precision ceramic ball bearing for a low maintenance duty
- Protective grating in front of the turbine inlet structure avoids damages caused from foreign material
- JetCat "Jet-tronic" turbine control electronics: speed controller for a constant rotor driving speed.
- Free programmable system
- Turbine starts without blast or compressor. Automatical aftercooling of the turbine after switching off.
- RS232 computer serial interface
- Text display of the ongoing operating parameters for example temperature, rotation speed, pump tension, fuel consumption, left fuel, last operating time, complete operating time, turbine status, last switch off reason etc

Technical details:
Idle-running speed: 000 1/min
Nominal rotation speed: 94000 - 103000 1/min
Fuel consumption: 60-235 ml/min
Leftover impulse: 1,5-12 N
Exhaust temperature 440 - 660 °C
Fuel: Kerosine, JetA1 with 5 % synthetic oil
Current supply: 6 cells, 2400mAh

Reduction stage:
Main rotor running speed: 1283 1/min
Power output: 5,5 kW
Weight: mechanics: 2,7 kg
Periphhery: 650 g (Electronics/pump/valves/battery)
Measurements: 340x265x125 mm

Centrifugal clutch, freewheeling, Jet-tronic control electronics for automatic start,
integrated engine speed regulator, you can programme 3 system engine speeds.
- Rotor break (hydraulic)
-RS232- cutting point for computer connection

3 years guarantee!
To sustain the guarantee during the whole time the consumer reobligates to send the turbines at the latest after 25 operating hours to the service against payment to CAT.

Power: 3,5-4,5 KW
Weight approx: 3450-3670 g
Idle speed: 33000 1/min
Number of revolutions while flying: 98000 1/min
Exhaust temperature: 480-620 °C
Fuel consumption: 195-230 ml/min
Recommended fuel: Kerosin Jet A1, Petroleum, Premium Diesel
Lubrification: ca. 5 % vollsynth. Turbienenöl im Kraftstoff
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