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Slowflyer and Parkflyer

Slowflyers as the perfect indoor- and aerobatic model

Buy Slowflyers and Parkflyers in our online shop which perfectly qualify for an aerobatic model with good wind conditions or in indoor areas.

The art of creating most beautiful manoeuvres with slowflyers at the lowest speeds

Electrically driven remote-controlled planes designed as low-speed model aircraft, also known as Parkflyer, are ideally suited for aerobatic flying and represent a major challenge for every pilot. The models are well known for being very light and having mostly striking colors, as well as designs and a sleek design. You can find here Slowflyers made mainly from robust materials such as EPO constructed by many well-known brands. Our range includes manufacturers like E-Flite , Graupner SJ, Pichler , MODSTER and many more.

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